Danielle Carstens

Tuli Photo Safari




5 nights / 6 days


12 -17 September 2024

Group Size:

4 Guests


$ 1250 per person

Photography guide:

Danielle Carstens


Botswana, Africa




About Tuli

Tuli Wilderness in Botswana is home to a diverse range of wildlife (and some of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen). Is is situated in a vast, private and exclusive unfenced concession that borders the great Limpopo River. Tuli is a spectacular, rugged and wild area that has been described as Botswana’s best kept secret. As this is private land and off the beaten track, you can be sure that there will be no crowds and you can revel in an authentic wilderness experience. The Tuli Area boasts the world’s largest elephant population on privately owned land – over 1800 elephants – offering some incredible sightings and providing fantastic photographic opportunities. Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Spotted and Brown Hyena are amongst the many carnivore species that occur within the reserve. Large herds of free-roaming Eland, Zebra and Wildebeest are seen regularly and many other plains game species are also to be found in the area. The camp is unfenced and Elephants, Lion, Brown and Spotted Hyena, Civet, Genet and African Wild Cat may possibly be seen in and around the camp. The remoteness of the camp ensures that you will truly feel that you are deep in the wilderness.

We will be going out in the mornings early on a game drive, as well as later in the afternoon until dark – not only to make the most of beautiful light but also because the wildlife is most active during these hours and tend to laze around sleeping during the heat of midday. Upon return to camp late morning, a hearty breakfast awaits as well as some down time, with photo editing assistance available. In the evenings after game drive, a tasty dinner and roaring campfire awaits. Our aim on this safari is for you to get many beautiful photographs and to improve your skills as photographer. I will meet you at your skill level and be there to answer any questions you may have. We will prioritise light, as this is the essence of photography. This means crisp, early mornings and staying out in warm late afternoon light as mentioned above. I have limited the safari to 4 participants in order to provide individual attention to everyone.

All photographers will also have a “window seat” in the open game drive vehicle, which is able to seat 10 guests. If you’re into great wildlife viewing, photography and unspoilt wilderness without the ultra-luxury element to your stay, this is your photo safari.

For more information you can contact me here:

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