Danielle Carstens

Custom Photo Safaris

guided / unguided

Plan your dream photo safari with me

I will advise you on the best locations for your specific expectations and budget or help you put together a wonderful itinerary to your destination/s of choice. Having lived in Africa for over 35 years, I am able to provide you with the best advice from experience, and specifically from a wildlife photographer’s point of view.

Bespoke Safari Experience

My aim is to curate itineraries that are specifically productive for wildlife photography, which differs in many ways from the standard safari experience. I take into account the available photographic opportunities, tourist numbers in the area, availability of a private vehicle, ideal seasons for the specific location, ethics of the local lodge/operation, local wildlife-viewing protocols, the landscape (for ease of locating and photographing wildlife), and many other factors. I work with extremely reputable travel operators & agents in the industry and you can be rest assured that the logistics beforehand and experience during your safari will be as seamless as can be. I curate both guided and unguided photo itineraries – you don’t have to have me by your side (although you might then have to send me plenty of photos of you having an amazing time!)

Please note: My aim is to create and lead photographic safaris in conservation areas that are well-managed and maintain high ethical standards, where the photographer is merely an observer and does not interfere with the wildlife behaviour. I stand firmly by my view on ethical wildlife photography and will not forego the wellbeing of the wildlife in order to get a photograph. Any form of baiting or similar is not tolerated. I believe that us as wildlife photographers should try our utmost best to leave an area and its wildlife better than we found it, through our contribution to the conservation of these.

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